YRKKH Twist May 2016: Naira Comes Back to Singhania House finally

YRKKH Twist May 2016 Naira Comes Back to Singhania House finally on itellyupdates.com

The Upcoming Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will show that Naira will come back to her Singhania House after a long gap of 5 years. All people will be getting so excited to get Naira aka Shivangi Joshi back to their home. Naitik will be getting delighted to see her.

In ongoing episodes of YRKKH shows that Akshara aka Hina Khan and Varsha are coming to Rishikesh for doing a special type of pooja for Naira’s comeback. Even they are completely unaware by that Naira is present in Rishikesh. {Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2016 Episode}

So many times, Akshara and Naira will come in front of us but they will unable to see each other. They will miss the chance to look towards each other. This is just like hit and miss type which happens normally in TV shows.

After some time, Akshara will reach to the Ashram where Naira is staying from last five years. But when Akshara and Varsha will come to know that Naira is living in the same Ashram. Therefore, they will be getting excited to see her.

So that, Akshara will try to convince her to come with her. But Naira will not ready to come with Akshara. But after so many efforts, Naira will be getting ready to come back with Akshara and Varsha.

Therefore, all family members of Naira will be getting so excited to meet with her or to see her. So that Naira will get a grand welcome from her Singhania’s family. So that Naira will take some time to get adjust in her own home.

Akshara will try to make a good bondage with her or to get her complete trust. Let see Akshara will get her trust or not.

Will Akshara get Naira’s trust?

Will Naira forgive Akshara?

Will Naitik accept Akshara again?

Will Singhania family turn Naira according to them?

Will Naira get adjust in her home easily or not?

Stay Tuned with us. We will update here always. Grab all latest and upcoming news of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Star Plus show. Check here day by day. Share your views here. So that, makers of the show will think according to your views or ideas. Do you people like to see Naira back to her home.


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