Beyhadh Upcoming News: Arjun-Maya Face Off Post Maya’s Death Drama

Beyhadh Upcoming News: Arjun-Maya Face Off Post Maya’s Death Drama on

The Sony TV Serial most trending show of the time is Beyhadh in which Maya aka Jennifer Winget is playing a lead role in the show along with a fully muscle handsome hunk boy whose name is Kushal Tondon. But now this lovely couple is getting into big problems because of their rift which was coming in between them only because of the baby which was getting die because Maya has fallen down from the stairs.

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From that time, Maya has planned so wrong against Arjun and even she has killed Vandana (Arjun’s mother) very badly. Due to which Arjun was getting shattered and then makes a plan to kill Maya but as he loved her a lot. So that’s why he has decided to leave her forever. Due to which Maya got angry and then started to provoke him badly.  She just wanted that Arjun attacked her and then she sends him to the jail.

Beyhadh Upcoming News 2017: Maya Death Drama Sends Arjun to the Jail

Actually, Maya has provoked him very badly by saying that I will kill Saanjh and Ayaan also because they will get prove as a danger for her and that’s why she won’t leave them. She put a condition in front of Arjun that if you will leave me then I will kill them. Otherwise, you have decided whether you leave me or not? Arjun got angry and then says that I kill you, Maya. She provoked him more and then She has fallen down. Her head was getting stuck on the table corner and due to which she got die in everyone’s eyes.


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But guys, that was just a drama because she wants to send Arjun to the jail in her murder’s case. This time, Arjun is in the jail and he will hang till death. But before this, Arjun and Saanjh are coming to know that Maya is alive. They decide to find out and takes a revenge from her. Arjun will run away from the jail. Here Maya thinks that Arjun will get to die soon.

Beyhadh Upcoming Twist 2017: Maya gets a red saree and Mangalsutra, she gets shocked

In the upcoming episode of the Beyhadh, Maya will get a red saree and then she will be getting shocked very badly by thinking that what is going on? Who send these things? HereArjun and Saanjh are coming to know about her location. So that’s why they send this saree to her. Maya will be getting shocked to get this parcel because she thinks nobody knew about her.