YHM Upcoming: Ishita & Raman Throws Shagun our from Bhalla House, Stop Meeting to Pihu

YHM Upcoming: Ishita & Raman Throws Shagun our from Bhalla House, Stop Meeting to Pihu on itellyupdates.com

The Upcoming Episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita will become a business woman and Raman will start to take care of Pihu at home just like a mother. He starts to work as a home-maker at home and Ishita will handle all his business responsibilities. So that Ishita will defame Ashok very badly and snatches a new project from his hands which is good for the business.

After some time, when Ishita will come to the home, all Bhalla family celebrates Ishita’s success and distributes sweets among all family members including Bhalla and Iyers. All people will congratulate Ishita and then gives their best wishes to her for her new business steps.

Suddenly, Shagun will come there just to destroy Bhalla family’s happiness, actually, she will come there to meet Pihu. But when Ishita will come to know about her motives hen she stops her from meeting to Pihu. She will not allow Shagun to come inside. Aditya will also present there.

Ishita will also say to Shagun that I have one condition and if you will fulfill that condition then you will meet with Pihu. Otherwise, not. She will say to Shagun that if you will confess your crime in front of all family members then I will give you a permission to meet with Pihu.

Shagun will be getting angry after to hear Ishita’s condition. Aditya will also present there and he will take Ishita’s side. He always thinks that Ishima can never do wrong, so he will support Ishita in all her steps. However, Raman will also come there and gets angry to see Shagun there.

Raman will say to Shagun to please stop all this nonsense and he will say to Shagun to go out from his house and not giving permission to her to meet with Pihu because he came to know about Shagun’s real face. Shagun will be getting angry and goes from there. Will Shagun come back with her another master plan? Let see what will happen in the next episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Check here Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written updates.¬†Stay tuned with us.