Tashan E Ishq Upcoming News April 2016 People Apply Black Color on Twinkle’s Face, Kunj Shock

Tashan E Ishq Upcoming News April 2016 People Apply Black Color on Twinkle aka Jasmin Bhasin Face, Kunj aka Sidhant Gupta Shocked on itellyupdates.com

The ZEE TV Show Tashan E Ishq Upcoming Episode will brings out a shocking news about Twinkle aka Jasmin Bhasin and Kunj aka Sidhant Gupta. All the neighbors and other people will be getting angry on Twinkle that how she get out from the Jail even though she had killed her own sister. Twinkle was accused for this and now how she come out from jail.

Actually, Kunj find out some evidences which may proved that Twinkle is innocent. So, that’s why Police gives bail to Twinkle and then she comes out from the jail. But Neighbors will not get ready to accept this decision of Police.

Kunj and Twinkle have beaten up by the people in Tashan E Ishq Upcoming Episode:

Therefore, Anita will think about the trick through which people will easily give punishment to Twinkle and will do bad behavior with her. So, she plays a trick and then all people will apply black color on Twinkle’s face by saying that, she is a criminal.

Anita will also say to Twinkle that, she will not allow her to take a step inside the home. Due to this, Twinkle will be feeling bad. Anita will provoke people against Twinkle aka Jasmin Bhasin. All people who will present there start to beat Twinkle badly.

Kunj will be coming there and try to save Twinkle. But he will not getting successful and then he will also get beaten up by the people. Twinkle will completely break down and crying a lot. Kunj will also feel bad for Twinkle after seeing her shattered self confidence and respect. Let see what will happen in the next episodes of Tashan e Ishq.

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