Tashan E Ishq Spoiler: Yuvi take Burkha Avatar to Donate Blood to Kunj (Sidhant Gupta)

Tashan E Ishq Spoiler April 2016 Yuvi take Burkha Avatar to Donate Blood to Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) on itellyupdates.com

The Tashan E Ishq upcoming episode will shows that, Yuvi and Anita will make a plan to trap Kunj (Siddhant Gupta) and Twinkle (Jasmin Basin) just for saving Kunj’s life by donating blood to him.

Actually, when Yuvi will be going to donate his blood to save Kunj’s life. Then, Twinkle will come to know that, donor is none another then Yuvi. So, she will decide not to take his blood for Kunj.

On the other side, Anita will also come to know about the bad condition of Kunj and also that, he need blood because he is suffered by anemia. She will also go to the hospital to save Kunj by implementing her devious plan.

Anita and Yuvi will shake hand just to indebted Kunj (Sidhant Gupta) by giving him a blood in his bad time. Yuvi will say to Anita that, Twinkle and Kunj will never take his blood for saving Kunj’s life. So that’s why, we will make some other plan to defeat them.

TEI (Tashan E Ishq) Update: Twinkle & Kunj accepts Yuvi’s blood

After some time, Yuvi and Anita will make a plan through which Yuvi will take Burkha avatar just to donate his blood to Kunj and Twinkle to save Kunj’s life. The Most important thing is that, Twinkle will not recognize him.

At last, Kunj and Twinkle will accept the blood because they will not know about the real identity of Blood donor. Kunj will be recovering good after to get Yuvi’s blood. This is all bout the devious plan of Yuvi and Anita.

As we know, recently Twinkle was going to meet Yuvi and she told everything to him like how Kunj is getting suffered? What kind of problem he is facing? He need rare blood group and that is only in your hand because you are having a same blood group. She made a lot of requests to him. But that time, Yuvi denied.

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