Tashan-E-Ishq Latest News 2016: Kunj to Marry Rajjo Aka Sukriti, Twinkle Supports him

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Most Trendy News about Tashan-E-Ishq is here only for you Guys. This news is about Twinkle (Jasmin Basin), Kunj and Rajjo. As we know, this show is Zee TV’s immensely popular Indian/Hindi drama. So, guys news start with the scene in which Tashan-e-Ishq a big u-turn. This show will bring  a number of interesting twists and turns with a new entry. The Tashan-E-Ishq show is about to bring more excitement in the upcoming weeks in upcoming episodes.

This show will be going to introduce new entry of the beautiful Sukirti Kandpal. The young and most stunning actress will be playing the character of Rajjo. Rajjo will play a role in whch she is consider an elope bride. She will also come in touch with most leading couple named as Twinkle (Jasmin Basin) & Kunj (Siddhant Gupta) and as we know that, Twinkle and Kunj are becoming a best wedding planners. That’s why, Twinkle takes a project from a typical ‘Haryanvi Jaat’ to plan his daughter’s wedding with latest creativity and design.

Tashan-e-Ishq Latest news 2016 about new entry rajjo aka Sukriti Kandpal

On his way to Hissar, Kunj will get Rajjo in his way. Rajjo is a run away bride who will try to commit suicide. Kunj see her and saves her life from committing suicide. Rajjo confesses to him that she is being forcefully married with some stranger by her father. But she is in love with someone else and not want to do any marriage with someone.

Kunj bring Rajjo to her home and inform to all people that, Rajjo is the daughter of same Haryanvi Jaat who has given a contract to Twinkle. But after some time, Rajjo say to her father that Kunj is her boyfriend with whom she tried to get married. The Haryanvi Jaat now give permission to Rajjo and Kunj to get married. He also announce her wedding

So Guys, the beautiful girl Sukriti who is quite excited to play this challenging character’s role in this serial says that, “I am feeling great and also get excited to play the role of Rajjo. This is the first time when I will be going to play a role of Haryanvi girl. Her looks will completely traditional and Indian in sharp contrast. This role is completely an unusual character. Rajjo is too much reserved and emotional nature girl who blindly trusts people. All over, her role is interesting and hope she will fulfills the expectations of the viewers.”

So, Guys it will be interesting to watch how Twinkle will handle the situation in which Kunj will get trapped badly and going to get marry with Rajjo in those critical situation. Let see, Will Kunj marry to Rajjo? Will Twinkle stop their wedding.