Tashan-e-Ishq 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on itellyupdates.com

The Serial starts with the scene in which Twinkle is going to meet R.D, the rock star. She say to him that, you please give me 10 minutes tomorrow. R.D reply to her that, how cheap you are. Twinkle say to him that, oh god. It’s not like that, actually tomorrow will my friend’s engagement and she is the big fan of yours. That’s why I just request you to please come in this ring ceremony function for fulfilling the wish of my friend.

Next Day, Twinkle is going to attend the Pinky’s engagement. Pinky say thanks to her and really getting so much excited to meet him. Twinkle say to her that, its ok dear, This is only for you. Here, R.D and his assistant are on the way, actually they are going to attend the ring ceremony function. But suddenly, a biker is hitting with their car.

tashan-e-ishq 14th march 2016 written episode update

They are coming out from the car and try to see the face of the man who hit by them. Suddenly, the Yuvi is coming in between the way of R.D and his assistant. He say to R.D that, you may elope from here and I will handle this matter. Then, R.D and his assistant are running away from that place. R.D’s assistant make a call to Twinkle and inform her about their cancellation of their plan.

Twinkle is getting sad and also feeling so sad. After some time, Pinky’s father is coming there and then ask to Twinkle about R.D arrival. She inform him that, he will not coming because he went to Delhi. He is getting angry and scold Twinkle badly in front of all other guests. Suddenly, the Kunj is coming there and then handle all the situation. He bring dhol there and apply four stars to the show. All people are looking so happy including Twinkle.

Here, Yuvi is feeling good and think that, I will never get you successful in your new business. After some time, Twinkle and Kunj reaches to their home. Twinkle say thanks to Kunj for this, he replied to her that, I was doing all this only for my father and business. This was not for you. So, don’t become so happy. But bebe is so happy because Twinkle can do lot of take care of her father-in-law. Twinkle say to bebe that, I am going to meet my new clients. She is coming to talk with Kunj first. Kunj is writing something. Twinkle ask to him that what you are doing.

Kunj ignore her. Bebe is coming there and then say to Kunj that, you are doing wrong behavior with her. Kunj is in anger and then say to Twinkle that, you don’t any patience. Twinkle is getting silent. Kunj is not ready to go with her to meet those new clients. But Bebe say to him to take Twinkle with you.


Kunj will get ready to go with Twinkle to meet new clients.