Simmi and Prateek Romance Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News

Simmi and Prateek Romance Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News

In the episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein you will see the the romantic scene of Simmi and Prateek. Actually what happened in the last episode, Simmi and Prateek going some where from Holi Pooja and on the other hand Ishita and Shagun talking with each other. Then Ishita watched that Simmi and Prateek were going and then she asked to Shagun that where they are going.

Then the strip of Simmi’s slipper break down and then Prateek help her, from this scene Ishita was also happy to see that Prateek was helping her. Simmi was also looking towards Prateek with love and affection.

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here we are just providing a single pic through you can easily understand the relation of Simmi and Prateek. After the divorce of Simmi, she was so upset from last so many days but now she is little attract towards Prateek. Let’s see what will happen in between Simmi and Prateek.

The husband of Simmi was Param and he was not a good man so she divorced him and now Simmi is looking happy with Prateek. Prateek is also helping bhalla family because when Romy going to sell the property of his father and then Prateek told to Simmi about this all. Si Simmi think right about Prateek.

All the family was celebrating Holi pooja and then Nidhi came there and spoil the function.