Shakti: Soumya Decorates Room for Harman-Surbhi Wedding Night

Shakti Upcoming News 2017: Soumya Decorates Room for Harman-Surbhi Wedding Night on

The Shakti Upcoming show will bring a big disaster in Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik’s life. Actually, the dramatic wedding will be going to happen soon in which Subrhi, Soumya, and Harman will tak wedding rounds together in the same mandap. These trio will take wedding rounds together. After all of this, Preeto says to Soumya to decorate Harman’s room for the first wedding night of Haman with Surbhi.

After this successful marriage, Preeto gives permission to Soumya to stay in this house forever because Harman and Surbhi are getting married completely and now Surbhi is coming to their house too. Soumya decorates the room and also takes Harman to the room where Surbhi will be waiting for him curiously. After this, Surbhi close the door completely and then sits on the bed.

After some time, Surbhi will try to sleep on the bed with Harman but he will deny her to sleep her because this is only his gulabo’s place which he never gives her for a second. Harman taunts her very badly and says that you were eagerly married to me but now I won’t give permission to you to sleep her on the bed. Harman is also sleeping on the sofa and refuse to Surbhi to sleep on the bed.

Shakti Upcoming News 2017: Soumya Sens Harman in the Room for Wedding Night:

Shakti: Soumya Decorates Room for Harman-Surbhi Wedding Night

Surbhi will agree with his decision and thne sleeps on the floor as per Harman’s order. She herself thinks that she is coming here in this house only for Soumya’s rights and place in this home. Apart from this, she never expect anything from them. After this, Harman meets Soumya again and again which will create a tension in Surbhi’s mind. Let see how much time, Surbhi will bear Harman’s avoidance? Will Harman come to know that Surbhi start to like him again? Will Harman accept Surbhi as his wife? Will Soumya get relax to see Harman and Surbhi together? To know more, keep Watching Shakti Colors show at Shakti. This