Raman-Ishita Romantic Dance for Ad Film in YHM Upcoming Episode May 2016

Raman-Ishita Romantic Dance for Ad Film in YHM Upcoming Episode May 2016 on itellyupdates.com

The Upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita comes on Ruhaan’s shoot. Raman will also come there. But Raman shouts on her badly and blames her for ruining his ad film by creating an unusual drama.

Apart from this, Raman insults Ishita very badly and calling her a cheap lady. He also blames her for taking his lead actor. Ishita tells him that she didn’t do anything but you are not hearing me.

After some time, Aditya Bhalla is also coming there and gives a fabulous idea to the director related to advertisement shooting. So the Director is getting so happy after to hear Aditya’s idea. Director calls Raman there.

He says to Raman that you will act as Ruhaan’s dad in ad shoot because he looks like a good father. Therefore, Raman will agree to do this with Ruhaan. After this, Director starts to search out a face who will do a good role of Ruhaan’s mother.

Then director stares at Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi. He will go to talk with Ishita about this proposal. But Ishita refuses for doing this role. Then Raman will hear everything and then he comments Ishita by saying that she can’t do anything because she spoils everything, what she goes to do.

After this, Raman and Ishita will be getting bad controversy with each other. Director will try to handle the situation and convinces Ishita for doing this role. After some time, Ishita will get ready to do this role. Director will tell her everything about the role in detail.

Then, Ishita sits with Ruhaan aka Aditi Bhatia and starts to touch his cheeks very lovely. Ruhaan will be getting shocked. So that Ruhaan will shout at Ishita very badly and says to her that why she is trying to spoil his image.

Aditya will scold Ruhaan for doing misbehavior with his mother. Therefore, Ishita will be getting angry and says to all that she is getting irritated from all of this. Now she will be going to leave this country as soon as possible.

Apart from this Aditya will come to know about Ishita and Raman’s controversy. Aditya will convince Raman and Ishita both for doing this ad film. So that, Ishita, Raman and Ruhaan will dance together for ad film.

Will Aditya become successful to reunite Ishita and Raman?

Will Ruhaan separate Ishita and Raman forever again?

Let see what will happen in the next episodes. Stay tuned with us.