Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story Aug 2016- Pragya’s Efforts Turns Alia Positive for Mehra Family

Kumkum Bhagya written update of an upcoming Story Aug 2016 Pragya’s Efforts Turns Alia Positive for Mehra Family on itellyupdates.com

This is such a bad news for the Abhi fans. Actually, Abhi aka Shabbir Ahluwalia will be fighting in between life and death in the hospital. Pragya will be getting so tensed to think about Abhi. She will inform Alia about Abhi’s accident. After some time, Purab will come there and asks Pragya about Abhi.

Pragya tells everything to Purab about Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia). She says to Purab that you don’t worry, Abhi will be getting alright soon. Purab thinks that Pragya is disturbed, so that’s why she is saying all this. She informs Purab that she already informed Alia about this accident.

Purab will say to her that I also informed all family members and they are reaching here soon. But Purab scolds Pragya by saying that why you informed Alia about this. Pragya will reply that she is Abhi’s sister and she is having a complete right to know about her brother.

Purab says to Pragya that she is not his sister, she is his enemy. He also says that Alia, Tanu, and Nikhil have planned this for Abhi. Pragya gets shocked. After some time, Tanu and Alia will reach there. Pragya stops Alia and Tanu. She accuses Alia for her brother’s accident.

She will say to Alia that you are doing all this just to satisfy your ego and for your so called revenge. Alia and Tanu will reply to Pragya that we have planned all this just to kill you, but unfortunately Bhai was coming at your place. Pragya will burst out on Alia by saying that your Bhai was giving everything to you and you are doing all this with him.

Pragya tells to Alia that why are you doing so, you always trying to keep me apart from him, you also tried to separate Bulbul and Purab. But if you ever think that if something happened wrong with Abhi then what happen to you and dadi. Alia will be getting emotional. But Pragya will threaten Alia and Tanu by saying that once Abhi will recover then I will teach you the lesson of revenge. Alia and Tanu will be getting shocked. Let see Alia will turn positive or not for Abhi.