Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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In today upcoming story, Pragya will be getting so upset and she cries for Abhi again and again because Nikhil told to her everything that how they convinced Abhi for doing signatures on Divorce papers. He added that firstly Abhi refused to do this but Tanu forced him to do this by doing emotionally blackmail. Pragya is getting so hurt after to hear Nikhil’s words. She is getting so much upset and angry. Pragya escapes from the kidnapper’s place and starts to run on the highways. As we know, Tanu and Nikhil kidnapped Pragya and after they started to play a game in which they also took signatures of Abhi on the divorce papers and then shows to the Pragya that Abhi has already signed the divorce papers and Nikhil says to Pragya that Abhi finally wants Divorce from her. Then, Nikhil says to Pragya that he is going to do party with Tanu because today they will celebrate this achievement. Dadi gives a big lecture to Tanu that you are fake and you are just making fool to everyone. God gives you good face but behind this face you are totally fake. God will punish you, and then Dadi says the last line to her that you can’t spoil the life of Pragya till she is alive.

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th July 2016 Written Update:

Here Pragya is trying to cut her hand rope with a glass which is lying on the floor. Finally, she cuts her rope and opens her hand. Then, she rushes to the Pari. She also take Pari with her and trying to run away. Pari and Pragya are coming outside from the kidnappers building finally. But Pari is getting too much tired. Pragya takes Pari in her arms and run. Suddenly, an auto is passing from there. Pragya is trying to stop that auto. Finally, she hired an Auto and talks with Pari. Pari asks her that we are going to my home. Pragya says yes. Kidnappers are getting shocked when they don’t get Pragya and Pari in their rooms. They are getting scared after to think Nikhil’s reaction when he will come to about this. Here Tanu and Nikhil are in a car. Tanu says to Nikhil that I want to see bad face of Pragya because when I will show these divorce papers to her then how she will react? I want to see her shocking face when she comes to know that finally I broken down her challenge. After so much discussion, Kidnappers makes a call to Nikhil and informs him about Pragya’s run away. Nikhil scolds them very badly and says that I will not leave you all. Kidnappers are getting scared by Nikhil’s warning. After this, Nikhil tells all this to Tanu. Tanu is getting shocked after to hear about Pragya’s missing report. Tanu says that if Pragya will reach to Mehra house and tells everything to him then where we will go? If Abhi will come to know about this, then he will not leave you Nikhil, Even if you will go abroad then Abhi will not leave you. This is really bad for us.