Ishqbaaz Upcoming News: Shivaay Cares for Anika makes Tia Jealous

Ishqbaaz Upcoming News: Shivaay Cares for Anika makes Tia Jealous on

Are you getting die to watch Shivaay and Anika’s love? Do you want to see Shivaay and Anika in romantic chemistry? This is possible but the witch Tia is coming in between them again and again. The upcoming show of Ishqbaaz will show that Anika’s hand will be getting injured very badly and hence Shivaay will be getting tensed alot. As he alwyas gave pain to Anika but this time, he gets polite and starts to take care of her which makes Anika suprize.

After seeing Anika’s injury, Shivaay runs and brings a first-aid for her. He applies a bandage on her hand and also feels pain after to see her wound. Anika thinks that why Shivaay feels pain after to see her pain. All these moments makes Anika shocked and surprize too. Even though, Shivaay will say to her that I can’t see you in the pain and that’s why I am feeling so bad afte to see your injury like this.

After some time, when Anika will be getting ready. She will try to wear a manglasuta but due to her injury, she will face difficulty in wearing this. So that Shivaay will be coming there and makes her to wear a manglasutra. Abika gets shocked again and she thinks that how Shivaay got changed suddenly, even he never believe in sindoor and manglasutre type things.

Ishqbaaz Upcoming News: Shivaay Cares for Anika makes Tia Jealous

All over Anika will be getting shocked again and again after to see this behavior of Shivaay. She thinks that what is going on in Shivaay’s heart for her. Why is he behaving like this. Even she gets confused to think about the rason behind Shivaay’s soft corner for her. Here Tia will be roaming around him here and there. She will watch everything and hence thinks the same as Anika think. Tia gets jealous very badly and thinks that why Shivaay is doing all this for Anika. Is he falling in love with her? What is going on in Shivaay;s heart? She wants to know but if she will ask Shivaay then she knows very well that he will never answer er for this question. Keep Watching Ishqbaaz show on Star Plus channel at 10:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. This is such an interesting show of all time. This is so much favorite of people. They love to watch Star Plus channel Drama.