Ishqbaaz Upcoming News: Anika and Bhavya Exposes Ragini in front of Shivaay

Ishqbaaz Upcoming News 2017: Anika and Bhavya Exposes Ragini in front of Shivaay on

The most trending show of the Star Plus channel is Ishqbaaz which is airing from Monday to Friday at 10 pm to 11 pm from last some days otherwise, it aired for half an hour. This time, Ishqbaaz serial is getting more popular day by day because there are three handsome boys and three beauties in the lead roles which make this show more demanding and family type. There are 10-12 members in the house except for Oberoi’s daughter Priyanka because she gets to married with Ranveer happily in her in-law’s house.

But here we are going to tell you about the Ishqbaaz Upcoming News 2017 which will tell you about the life of Anika which is getting full of problems and troubles day by day. But now when a cop named as Bhavya is coming into their lives. She starts to do help Anika in her mission like Anika wants to expose the girl Ragini in front of Shivaay at any cost be because she doesn’t any kind of girl in Shivaay’s life.

Ishqbaaz Upcoming News 2017 Bhavya takes an Oath to find out Ragini’s truth:

The Star plus show Ishqbaaz upcoming twist 2017 in which Bhavya will make a promise to Anika aka Surbhi Chandana that you don’t worry bhabhi, I will find out Ragini’s truth at any cost. As we know, Ragini is making Pinky and Shivaay fool by taking her fake boyfriend Siddharth’s name that he tortured her a lot and due to which she is so upset and sad too. Read Ishqbaaz Written Updates

Ragini can do everything just to get an emotional support and sympathy from Shivaay and Pinky’s side. She can do everything for her future because she wants to come in Shivaay’s life by replacing Anika. But here Shivaay loves Anika a lot and that’s why he is not giving a full attention to Ragini in his life. So that Ragini again makes a plan to create a drama by taking Siddharth’s name.

Ishqbaaz Upcoming Episode Update 2017: Anika Exposes Ragini finally:

In the Ishqbaaz Written Update of the upcoming episode will show that Anika will be getting serious by taking Ragini’s fake behavior. She will take Bhavya’s help and then starts to find out everything about Ragini. Finally, they decide to expose Ragini in front of all Oberoi family and then everyone knows about her Siddharth’s fake drama. Finally, Anika will do this and then throws Ragini out from the house forever.