Ishqbaaz 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update: Girls get Spying Obros

Ishqbaaz 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update: Girl get Spying Obros on

Gauri is talking with her Mom. Here Tej Singh and Shvetlana are talking with each other. Shvetlana says if Janavi come to know about us then what will you do? Tej Singh says then nothing because after that we will meet publicly. Rudra that where is the baby? I didn’t see the baby from last some time. Shvetlana says to Tej Singh that I wants to give you a surprise. Tej Singh wow please sure. Shvetlana shows the medical report to Tej. Tej says this is the medical report of Janavi. Shvetlana says yes and I am showing this report to you because her heart this 60% weak. She says to Tej Singh that her heart can get fail anytime. Tej Singh says you are also thinking the same like me.

Now Tej Singh and Shvetlana are playing the game with Janavi. They are trying to make her scared. Janavi is feeling so much scared. Rudra says that the baby is safe and he is playing in my room. Here Dadi is going to the Rudra’s room and then gets shocked to see baby in his room. She brings out baby from the room and then all Oberoi family members are getting shocked to see the baby.

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Ishqbaaz 21st July 2017 Written Episode:

Suddenly the fire Alarm get started ringing. Rudra start calling to Shivaay and all. The Baby start crying. Dadi gets shocked to see the Baby. Here Anika goes to call to Shivaay. He is busy on the phone call with Ragini. Ragini is calling to Shivaay somewhere to meet. Anika is trying to tells to Shivaay that there is the fire in the house. But Shivaay is not listening to her. She takes the cell phone and throw it. Shivaay asks what happen? Anika tells to Shivaay the fire Alarm is ringing.

Anika says please come and check the issue. All the family members get together in the hall. Shivaay ask Khanna what happen? Khanna says actually the fire Alarm start ringing because of Aagrbati. Shivaay says to the girls what is going on? The girls says no we don’t know anything.

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Ishqbaaz 21st July 2017 Written Episode:

Shivaay ask Rudra and Om where is the Baby? Rudra sign towards Dadi. Shivaay gets shocked when he sees that the baby is with Dadi. Dadi asks who do this mistake. Dadi ask who is the father of this baby? But no one is giving reply to Dadi. Dadi ask Anika you tell? Anika says actually we also come to know this all last night. Anika says actually Dadi I also don’t know.

Shivaay calls to doctor to check out the DNA test of the baby. The doctor comes and he take the sample of the hairs. Now he is going to take the blood sample. But Shivaay says why there is the need of blood sample, you already take the hairs. The doctor says it os necessary Mr. Oberoi. Tej Singh says don’t disturb to doctor. Shivaay stops to Doctor and says no need of DNA test. We are ready to accept to baby without DNA test. From now she has three fathers and I think she is lucky. Rudra and Om says yes we are ready to accept the baby.