Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Serial: Ahana Plans to Propose Anant Mathur to Defeat Laila

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Serial: Ahana Plans to Propose Anant Mathur to Defeat Laila on itellyupdates.com.

One of the most favorite and trendy shows of the Star Plus channel is Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara which has been started on this channel from last some days in which the Bollywood Actor Sanjay Kapoor is playing a main lead role in the show whereas he is playing a role of Anant Mathur in the show. He is a father of two kids/children those are Roshni and Aaryan. He lost his wife when his wife gave a birth to these children.

Apart from this, Ahana is also playing a lead role. She is a daughter of the biggest Businessman Mr. Raichand and his wife Mrs. Laila Raichand. Ahana is also having a sister. They are two with their parents. But Mr. Raichand lost his life due to his wife Laila Raichand. So that’s why Ahana is living always upset and angry from her mother’s side all the time because she is responsible for her father’s death.

Now the story revolves around the life of Ahana, Laila, and Anant Mathur. As we know, Ahana’s father is no more and that’s why her mother is getting alone all the time. Even she is characterless too. So that’s why she has decided to marry Anant Mathur because he is also single. But she doesn’t know that Anant Mathur is a  self-emotioned man who can’t hear anything of her.

But after that, she is all set to trap Anant Mathur in her plans just to marry him. She wants her life back from the instance. Ahana comes to know her plan and that’s why she just want to ruin everything in Laila’s life by proposing Anant Mathur for the marriage and then she will marry Anant Mathur aka Sanjay Kapoor instead of Laila Raichand. Due to which Laila will be getting hurt very badly.

Even though Laila will make a full proof plan just to hurt Ahana by breaking her relationship with Anant Mathur because she herself wants to marry him and then Ahana came in between. All these things make a big mess in the show. It would be nice to watch out all these scenes on the big screen.