Beyhadh Upcoming News: Maya’s Body Swapping Truth Revealed

Beyhadh Upcoming News: Maya’s Body Swapping Truth Revealed on

The Sony TV Serial most famous and popular TV show which is named as Beyhadh in which Kushal Tondon, Aneri Vajani, and the most beautiful Jennifer Winget are casting for the lead role. If we talk about the current tracks of the show then it is so much time difficult time for Arjun and Saanjh because Maya trapped them very badly in her murder case.

Even though, Maya started to plan from last so much time just to trap Arjun in her murder case. She planned by including some neighborhood support, some from the health insurance company, and much more. All over, she wrote the best book through which she can easily send Arjun inside the jail and even she played a drama of her body swapping.

Beyhadh Upcoming News: Maya Body Swapping Drama Exposed

As we know that Maya is not getting dead and even she can do the drama only through which she can easily find out the complete way through which she sends Arjun inside the jail and she went out from the city for living a peaceful life. She is getting a bald look and even one of the mahatma cut all her hairs completely and clear out her head.

Here the Judge is giving a punishment to Arjun for killing Maya. One side, Maya’s body is present in the box under medical for the post mortem report and another side, Maya is sitting alive in between so many mahatma’s. Here Saanjh is getting tensed to think about the Arjun’s punishment and according to this punishment, Arjun will get to hand till death exactly after 3 months.

Sony TV Beyhadh Serial Written Update: Maya’s Reality Reveals Out:

Now we are going to tell you like how will Saanjh and Arjun are coming to know that Maya is alive. Actually, Arjun told Saanjh to check out Maya’s body during cremation and then Saanjh gets Maya’s ring finger which is not having any mark. She tells the same to the Arjun and then Arjun says that Maya is alive. But where? We have to find out her. Saanjh makes a promise to Arjun that she will definitely finds out Maya at any cost and will save him at any cost.